Infused with a citrus twist and a deliciously sweet fragrance, blended with hints of fresh lemon, Bare Nature Lemon Iced tea is pure lemony drink with the crisp, natural taste of high quality tea. Recharge your day with this amazingly healthy drink. Loaded with vitamins/antioxidants, Bare Nature Lemon Iced Tea with added Vitamins, an innovative product from the house of Vink & Beri, is the best companion to chill with during summers and ideal during winters to help maintain your hydration levels. Sit back, enjoy it at a party or sip it to unwind after a hard day at work.

Nutrition Facts

- Added Vitamins A, C & E - Vitamin A is great for eyes and skin. Vitamin C keeps gums and teeth healthy. Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant by neutralizing free radicals in the body that cause tissue and cellular damage.
- Contains anti-oxidants: Antioxidants substance contain vitamins C or E that help remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in the body, protect from different diseases, slow down ageing and boost immunity.
- No preservatives: Food preservatives extend the shelf life of food products but have a detrimental effect on health.
- No artificial color: Artificial colors are used to enhance the appearance of products but are not good for the body.
- No artificial flavor: Artificial Flavor is known to cause many problems such as nervous system depression, dizziness, chest pain & more.