The US arm of Tropical General Investment (TGI) Group, Vink and Beri LLC (V&B) is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of all-natural food products and is dedicated to shaping and defining the future of the food industry.
TGI as a group reaches out to 11 countries across globe covering major continents namely Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the America. Headquartered in Montgomeryville, PA and ALOR as our trademark we have succeeded in launching healthy food products as fun drinks and snacks, which have set benchmark in the food world.
Our primary objective is to present our consumers with a range of food products they find lip-smashingly tasty without compromising on the health factor.
V&B is committed to excellence and offers the best quality products that consumers find irresistibly delicious. At V&B, we not only believe in consumer satisfaction but strive for consumer delight!

Who Is Vink & Beri

The driving motivational force behind V&B is the strong leadership team with total commitment, deep industry knowledge, capability, vision and values. The successful decision-making of the leadership team aided in yielding food products in at par with people preferences laying a strong foundation for the company. Their focus in applying ideas had powered the company with exact formulations which people seek for. V&B’s continuous efforts for investments in R&D of products and packing has brought them endurance and sustainability in the industry. V&B stands tall with the team work of the leadership and employees succeeding continuously in reaching company’s objectives. The successful march towards the goal had strengthened is in line with the mission of the company. It has raised the bar for V&B towards safeguarding eco-friendly and social responsibility in adding joy to people’s lives with as an identity.
Creatively offer natural, nutritious and desirable food products that are produced in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way. In everything we embark on, we strive for transparency, fairness and honesty.
Our aim is to be the world's foremost Consumer Products Company that is dedicated to offering tasty and healthy foods and beverages.
The company’s portfolio has a range of products made for continued consumer satisfaction using natural resources. The products cater the need of both domestic and global market, making it a fast-moving organization. The company’s ALOR products are showcase of natural foods in a modern way. ALOR has two variants- Aloe Vera Juice Drink with Aloe Vera Pieces and Aloe Vera Pieces in Syrup. Aloe Vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins, amino acids, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides and fatty acids. These benefits can be enjoyed in a fun way with the delicious and tasty ALOR Aloe Vera products. ALOR Coconut Water with and without Coconut Chunks is naturally enriched with potassium, electrolytes and minerals replenish hydration levels within the body. ALOR Orange Juice is made from Orange pulp from selected Brazilian oranges blended with real mandarin pieces from the famous Jeju Island of South Korea. The company is moving forward accomplishing its vision to make available the natural foods to the the consumers in a healthy way.
Our commitment to excellence is deep rooted in the idea that healthy and delicious products should naturally become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. This commitment leads to innovation, comprehensive and extensive research which thereby leads to our remarkable range of products that are high in quality, nutrition as well as taste.
The delight of our consumers encourages us to offer a wider array of food products that are healthy, balanced and always divinely delectable!
V&B is a socially-conscious company and this is the foundation on which every business decision is made. All through the years, we’ve maintained the reputation of offering amazing food products that are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions in USFDA approved facilities.
We’re a consumer-driven company with a heart and this is strongly reflected in our efforts to succeed at leaving a positive imprint on society. It explains why we are so deeply focussed on creating food products that are natural, ecologically sound and socially beneficial to all.
Our philosophy is to work hard to innovate continuously for sustained growth, empower people to make excellent food choices, build trust of our consumers and finally delight them with our outstanding assortment of products.

Meet Our Management

Vipul Chander Beri
Vipul is the founding CEO and President of Vink & Beri. He has been associated with the TGI Group since 2002 and has four decades of rich corporate experience.

Prior to shifting his base in the US, Vipul headed CHI Limited, Nigeria for a decade as the Managing Director which emerged as the largest non-carbonated beverage and snacks food Company in West Africa. He was also the founding CEO of Uncle Chips Company Limited for 13 years and is hailed as the torch bearer of Snacks Food Revolution in India. Vipul firmly believes that nutritional and healthy food products should be easily accessible to everyone. Vipul emphasized availability of products at 'Desire's arm’s length'. He is a qualified Chemical Engineer and has rare expertise in building up teams and strong brands.
Cornelis Gerardus Vink
Cornelis is the Group Chairman of Tropical General Investment (TGI) Group including Vink & Beri. With more than 40 years of experience, he has successfully established and run companies across the globe. As a businessman, Cornelis has always worked with a vision to offer quality and healthy food products at affordable price.

With a background in Chemical Engineering, his vision and leadership has seen TGI emerge as a strong group that is respected world-over. His journey began in 1980 when the first food factory was established in the African Continent where the company emerged as the leader. Thanks to his hard-work, team building and personal contribution, Cornelis is honored by one of the highest civilian awards. The brands developed by group companies have been most liked and talked about Superbrands. Cornelis values are carried forward by the respective teams, spearheading numerous social, value-driven and need based projects for wellbeing of the society.